Why Has Internet Privacy Become Such a Popular Subject?

With the threat of governments spying on everything, we do online naturally people are paranoid about who is looking at their internet surfing habits.

Some people try to hide their surfing activity even if their browsing habits are quite normal, they just don’t like the idea of governments watching them. Others work in professions that are surrounded by grey areas with the law and so they want to hide their work activity, and others want privacy because they are up to something dodgy like accessing the dark web for whatever reason they may need it for.

How can you hide your internet activity?

Deleting your history on your local device or using incognito mode is one way to hide your internet browsing. However, this only hides your browsing habits from anyone else that access to your device. Every website and web page you have visited is recorded by your internet service provider and even your internet router.

If someone in your household or office building wanted to get an idea of your internet browsing habits, the apps you connect to, and the websites you visit, they could lift this information off the access point in the building. Therefore, you would need the username and password to your access point so you can delete history records about your device’s requests for connection to the router.

Even now your internet browsing habits are not completely purged. This is because your ISP also has a log that has recorded all the websites, IP addresses, and apps your device has interacted with. There is no way to ask your ISP for access to their servers so you can delete this information. As a result, your privacy is always going to be compromised no matter how hard you try to cover your tracks.

That said, this does not mean there is no way to hide your online activities. Check out プライバシー保護this is a Japanese internet privacy firm that gives you the chance to sign up for VPN software that will prevent both your ISP and your access point from keeping records of the websites you visit. It does this by creating an encrypted virtual private connection to a third-party server. Even the VPN server will not record your activity so your connection is finally private.

That said, you will need to make sure you browse the internet using incognito mode to prevent your web browser from recording the website you visit. In any case, even if you do not use incognito, you can easily purge your internet history on your device. This Japanese based website provides you with software that protects プライバシーを守る.In Japanese, that means ‘protect your privacy’.

Now you may be wondering what your ISP and access point does record. All it will show is a log that an encrypted connection was made to another server and the session time. Aside from this little snippet of information, no other information about your session will be recorded while connecting to the internet via a VPN.

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