Things You Need to Know About Car Insurance Comparison

It’s human nature to compare, contrast and research on anything before purchasing that item. The same holds true for car insurance as well. As the number of roads on the car has increased, so have the companies offering you a plethora of car insurance with different plans and obviously, varying premiums. Consequently, it can be a daunting task for anybody to choose the car insurance plan that offers them the maximum benefits at the lowest cost possible. 

This is where the car insurance comparison comes into the picture. It becomes the inevitable tool that makes any buyer’s job easy and more accurate. Earlier, one had to manually compare the various insurance plans which made the job tough, tedious and boring. But thanks to online availability; the job is a cakewalk today. Not only is it easily available on your smartphone or any other internet-capable device but it makes the comparison available with just a few clicks. 

Here, we throw light on some of the important facts that you must know about car insurance comparison. Stay hooked!

  • Car insurance comparison does not cost anything

With the growing number of cars on the road, the number of insurers offering several car insurance has also increased. You can get the best deal only by comparing them. A big reason to avail of this opportunity is that it comes to you absolutely free of cost. There are several tools available online that are free to use and do not require any purchase of a ‘subscription package.’

Moreover, there is no limit to the number of times you can use them. You can compare and contrast multiple combinations of policies until you reach to the answer you are seeking. It works exclusively in your favor. Hence, you must always use it whenever you are purchasing any car insurance policy. It should also be utilized well when you are renewing your car policy. 

  • You will find a policy that offers value for money

Different insurance companies offer different benefits to you at different costs. One insurance company may offer you a specific benefit at a cheaper rate while a different insurance company would offer you the same feature at an expensive rate but will offer you another feature at a more cost-effective rate. The biggest advantage of comparing various car insurance policies is that it gives you the best value for money opportunity. You can compare and choose a policy that gives you the features you need in your car insurance policy in the minimum cost possible. 

You are also able to compare policies and choose the best policy in your budget. You can evaluate by yourself that the cheapest policy may not be the best and might not be giving you adequate coverage and protection. You can easily choose the policy that gives you maximum coverage. 

  • Better services and coverage options

The idea behind comparison is to get the most comprehensive coverage and security for yourself and your car. By comparing various insurance plans, not only are you able to compare and contrast the extent of coverage offered but also the extent of services provided by each insurer. You have the option to add several extra benefits as add-ons as well as look into various services offered like one-hour pick up of damaged vehicles, 3-day repair service, cashless repair benefit, etc. 

While comparing The Car Insurance Plans, you primarily compare and contrast them on parameters like cost, coverage, customer reviews, the car’s age, and the exclusions and invalid claims. With comparison, you can easily choose a policy with the most comprehensive services and maximum coverage. 

  • No need for any expertise 

Not so long ago; the insurance industry was considered a highly complex industry. Its jargons and heavy legal language were beyond the comprehension and understanding of a layman. But with the rising number of insurers and increased competition amongst them and the rising awareness amongst the common man; most insurers want to give you as much information as possible. Even the laws have become extremely stringent against anybody trying to sell an insurance plan by misguiding them. 

Thus, most have started offering you documents in a more easy-to-understand language. They also offer all vital explanations and meanings of insurance jargon and various other educational sources on their website and other places on the internet. They also have their customer care helpline to resolve any queries and doubts you have in your mind. Thus, you do not require any expertise and do the comparison yourself and conclude like a pro. 

  • Can be done anytime, anywhere

Because of online availability, you can do the comparison while on the go on your smartphone or even at midnight in the comforts of your home. You can even access them anytime just to keep updated. Because you are not time-bound; you can easily compare the policies at your convenience. 


Given the benefits and features offered by the car insurance comparison; it a tool that must be taken advantage of by each and every car owner. 

5 Automotive Tools Every Auto Owner Needs

Automobiles are sizeable investments. As a car becomes older, its maintenance becomes increasingly important. There are many tools that every auto owner should have. Auto shops can sometimes charge exurbanite amounts for a simple fix that could have been done at home for much cheaper. Having the proper tools and knowledge will allow any auto owner to save money, learn more about their automobile, and maintain their car.

1. Every auto owner should have a jack and jack stands. When working on a car, more often than not, the car must be elevated. Simple procedures like rotating tires can be done at home with the help of a Jack. Additionally, all car owners should have a jack in their car with them wherever they go. In the unfortunate event of a flat tire, having a jack and a spare tire can lead to a simple tire replacement. In a garage, having a powerful jack and strong jack stands makes it possible for an auto owner to reach every point underneath the car and thus solve problems more efficiently.

2. One of the most important car maintenance practices is the oil change. To maintain an automobile, the oil should be changed once every 3,000 miles. Quintessential to a successful oil change is having an Oil Wrench that takes the oil filter off and allows the oil to be changed expediently. Without an oil wrench, an auto owner may be forced to take their car to an auto shop and overpay for a simple oil change.

3. Often when dealing with parts of the engine, or the hard-to-reach spots under the hood, proper tools are required. A 3/8-inch Socket Set can allow an automobile owner to loosen and subsequently tighten a wide variety of bolts. Different extensions allow the auto owner to obtain the best angles for torque and therefore make auto jobs quite a bit easier.

4. When changing oil, having a funnel, some rags, and a bucket is very helpful. Once again, the oil change is one of the most important maintenances for a car, and it can be done easily by anyone. However, many people do not have the proper tools or knowledge for a successful oil change. Having a funnel can also be useful when refilling any other fluids in one’s car. The funnel serves to make sure that fluids do not get over filled, which can lead to significant problems.

5. Finally, every auto owner should have a pair of solid vice grips. Some times a part will just not come loose. Other times, a car part may not seem to be tight enough despite one’s best efforts. Vice grips can hold a wide variety of car parts and allow the user to obtain more leverage for either tightening or loosening a part. When encountering a part that will simply not come loose, many auto owners will give up and take their car to a shop. Having vice grips can help one to avoid this problem.

Volkswagen Automotive Legends

VW Golf GTI do you have one?

Over the years the Golf GTI has changed its shape many times, but has it improved or could the car worse nowadays?

The newest Golf has 3 different models you have the GTI, GTD, and the R I would personally buy the GTI I have always preferred the shape of the GTI and its still a great looking car the newest Golf GTI has a selection of two different engines for you to choose from the TSI petrol 6 speed manual gearbox or you can get exactly the same engine but with the DSG auto gearbox.

Petrol engine stats:

• Maximum Speed: 149 mph

• Torque: 207 lbs.ft

• Acceleration (0-62mph): 6.9 seconds

• MPG Urban: 28.2

So you can all agree that the Golf engine has some decent numbers but the question is will it really do the job when it is on the road.

Inside the Golf you can have the choice of leather or material id say a lot of people will go for leather just because it makes the car so much better for looks and when you try to sell it.

When you think of Volkswagen you will most likely think of the classic beetle since it is the car that really introduced the Volkswagen logo around the world. The first Volkswagen car was designed in 1934 by Ferdinand Porsche as a method of cheap reliable transport. Through the years VW have become a global force in the manufacturing sector getting bigger and bigger with every new design. Not to long after the beetle had been created and unveiled the Golf was released. The first generation of Golf or the rabbit as it was called by the Americans was launched in 1975 and was stopped in 1984. Through the years the Golf has gone from the original square body shape and gradually over the years become streamlined and round the first Volkswagen rabbit GTI was a very square body compared to the new golf introduced in 2006. Through the years the Golf has been fitted with a bigger engine but in addition has gained more weight the biggest engine that Volkswagen released in the Golf was the impressive Golf R32 with the 3.2 V6 engine in the front. The R32 is the most powerful of the whole Golf range because it is 4wd and it has 237BHP which isn’t that great for a V6 I would have expected a lot more from Volkswagen.

I think the car that Volkswagen could be most pleased with must be the Bugatti Veyron with the unbelievable 16.4 litre engine with 1001BHP and reaching an incredible 250MPH there are only a handful of Veyron’s and several different types that were made by Bugatti the only real difference with the other models was mainly the inside detail and different wheels other then that they could not do much more to make the car distinct.

Learn How to Overcome the Troubles Faced by Automotive Dealers in the Present Economic ‘Crisis’

For many dealerships, times are hard. The leads have slowed down, the obstacles of financing ought to qualify as an Olympic sport and advertising simply doesn’t work like it used to.

And the fact is that several dealers are going under. There’s going to be a lot of victims after this one….your store included.

OR perhaps not.

This present economic ‘crisis’ might actually be your best blessing as a small business owner.

Sounds crazy, but here’s the deal.

Many dealers are going out of business. No doubt. It’s already happening. Your job is to be sure it’s someone else’s business going under… not yours. And there are terribly real ways to do this, if you’re really serious about being among the 20% of dealers who can outlive the storm.

I’m going to give you some cold, hard statistics and methods to assist you in just an instant, however let me begin by saying that if you don’t have the right systems or processes in place, work them out now. If you have character conflicts, deal with them today. If you don’t have a system for staying in touch with past customers and unconverted leads, get one.

If you don’t have a crystal clear answer to the query, “Why should someone select me over different dealers?” figure it out this weekend. If you don’t have a predictable method to get new prospects into the door, at will, now is the time to do something about it. If you have floor plan issues or problems with your lenders, it’s better to sort it out this month than next.


It all comes back to the eternal 80/20 rule, also known as the Pareto Principle.

If you’re not acquainted with the Pareto Principle, this rule dictates that 20% of dealerships naturally get 80% of the business. In other words, the 20% of dealers who will outlive this current economic storm will do so because they make 16 times as much as those in the 80%.

And because of this capability to earn additional capital, when the market will come back (which it always will), they’ll be larger and higher than ever, readily positioned to eat up new shares of the auto market.

Which may mean more dealers go out of business again-but it won’t have an effect on you if you’re among the 20%.

So what can you do to confirm your dealership rapidly and easily ends up among the 20% if you’re already in, or teetering towards the 80% category?

How to Get Out of an Automotive Lease Contract

Economic downturn, family problems, divorce, too much debt, need to pay for school. There are numerous reasons one might need to break their lease contract. Don’t be discouraged. It is a frequent occurrence.

The first thing you need to know is that a lease is a legal binding contract that is good for the term specified. Unfortunately you cannot just stop the payments and return the car to the dealership (I wish it were that easy). If you are in thee position where you need to break your lease contract, then the first thing you need to do is decide on the strategy that best fits your circumstance.

There are several ways to rid yourself of the burden of the lease payments. First, you can find someone to take over your contract and finish out the lease payments. Search the web to find marketplaces specifically designed for this. This process can take months because it requires a lot of coordination between the future lease holder, you, and the bank/financial institution. Another drawback is that, depending on the miles used and length of the lease leftover, it may require an outlay of cash to add incentive for “buyers”. However, this can be a great way to do it.

If you have the ability. The most cost effective way to go about solving the problem is to go ahead and buy the car outright from the financial institution and sell the vehicle as a private seller. You will get the most for the car if you do it this way, but requires more effort. Some find it a pain to clean the car, and find places to advertise, not to mention the hassle of dealing with other’s schedules. It can be very tedious and time consuming.

Be sure to contact the title holder to find out the “payoff amount”. This is the amount they are willing to accept to transfer the title to you. Unfortunately, this is non negotiable, and usually well over market value, so you will most likely take a financial hit.

If you find a willing buyer, you are able to arrange the sale before you actually send money to the bank. The bank is usually willing to send the title to you or the person buying the car. However, this can be tricky, because, unless you get temporary tags from a dealer (at a fee), the registration will still be in your name until the new title arrives. The title can take up to a week to arrive.

The last option, and the option that makes the least sense financially, is to take it to a dealer and buy a car on the lot. Please be super careful. They are trained professionals at taking people like this to the bank. They will contact the title holder and find out your payoff amount. They will take the difference between that amount and what they can sell the car for at wholesale and tack it onto the purchase of your next already overpriced car. They are artists at mixing up the numbers so you are confused as heck, and ware you down until you say yes.