How do I get my son focused

Set aside focus time

Some time must be devoted to the child in order to focus on a specific task, as it can be given a narration or a task in which there is a type of challenge in addition to the fun activities that enhance the focus, and young children between four and five years can focus for a period ranging between five to twenty minutes. (1 ]

Do one thing during a specified time

Multitasking reduces focus and performance, so children should be urged to do one thing within a specific time. For example, young children can be made to repeat the alphabet song while looking at letters, while slightly older children can be trained to treat one of the problems they face while solving the division Al-Tawila. [1]

Physical activities

Moving the body can motivate the brain to do its jobs properly, so children should be urged to go to school on foot or by bike, as well as play outside the school, help with household chores, and play within a sports team, and be sure that he has walked or jumped before Sitting down to do homework. [2]

Use of signals

Speaking with children while they are doing a task can distract them, and the correct thing is to deal with them through a few basic signs. For example, raising a hand means stopping what it does, and it is worth noting that just placing the hand on their shoulder will refocus them. [2]

Ask the children

When children do not begin to focus, they can be asked about the reason for their displacement to assess the problem, perhaps he was feeling tired or bored and needed to rest for a few minutes to refocus, or perhaps the reason for lack of focus is his lack of interest in the subject being talked about, and parents should reorient their children on the right path , And attempt to rearrange the information to be delivered to the son. [3]

Place of study

The place of study should be comfortable, quiet, and free from chaos and distraction factors, so that it contains a comfortable seat, and away from televisions, computers and telephones, with the necessity of providing the study office with the necessary tools, such as: papers, calculator, and pencils. [3]

How do I make my son obey me


Children are the apple of the person’s eye and the joy that awaits him in this life. They are the source of happiness, contentment, and sociability in this world. In them there is a happy life, and they have to suspend his hopes, but this is all dependent on the good education of them, proper education, and their formation on Islam, obedience to God Almighty, and love of others; If the best man was that they were the adornment of this worldly life, the Almighty said: (Money and children are the decorations of this worldly life) [1] But if a person does not succeed in the proper ways of raising children, and he does not exert himself in that, and he does not choose what is good for them, then they have done evil to him And a source of trouble and misery in a Minimum, and be accountable to God Almighty what overgrowth him from raising them in the afterlife.

With the passage of days, education has become more difficult, and has become more complicated than it was previously, due to the changes and external influences at this time that affected all cultural, economic, media and technological levels; all of this gives children different behavioral patterns that are a heavy burden on parents, and constitute a major obstacle in the process of education. The righteous. [2]

Skills that help the child to obey

Family awareness and the availability of housing in which calm and tranquility prevail are among the important factors in following the proper educational methods in raising children, and making the child obedient to his parents is not suddenly; rather, it is an educational process that follows a variety of methods, including: [3] [4]

Good example: For example, a good example has a great and effective impact on the same child, as it imitates his parents in every small and large, and therefore they must create high Islamic morals, and avoid all bad creation, and that the truth of their approach is in the simplest types of transactions, and the child sees this through actions And not the sayings, as many fathers try to teach the child not to lie, but he touches the actions of his parents contrary to that statement, so he instills in his mind what he found from the fathers and not from the sayings, as well as obedience, if the parents showed obedience to their fathers or those who are older than them, The child grew up to obey them.

Avoid the blame a lot and the continuous reproach; the child is not reprimanded for every behavior that comes from him, because the large number of reprimands and reprimands take the child from the circle of care to the circle of indifference.

Supplication for the child, for supplication is one of the important things that parents must adhere to towards their children, so that God Almighty helps them to raise their children, and helps their children to obey them, and they choose in that time the response to supplication, so that the heart is uplifted, and mercy and intimacy spread between the two parties, and in return, God forbid Glorified and Exalted be the parents to pray for their children, because that is contrary to Islamic morals and the mercy that God Almighty implanted in the hearts of His servants.

Giving the child his rights and implementing his desires and needs.

Justice and equality in the treatment of children and the lack of distinction between them, because discrimination creates hatred and aggression among the child, and it is difficult to find a child who feels obedient and injustice obedient for a long time, because his obedience may be temporary and it is soon to announce his disobedience and rebellion to those around him.

Parents should if they want the child to show obedience and commitment to what they want to show respect for him and appreciation for any work he does, praise him and praise his actions and skills, and notify the child that he has a high status and status with his parents, and that he is an effective human being important to them and that they need a permanent need for him and his assistance; then the child feels For his value and respect for others, and therefore obey his parents and appreciate their interest in him.

Convince the child the art to win what you want

Persuasion is an extremely accurate skill that no one can master, and it is a process of changing or reinforcing situations, and it may be a change in an act or an oLocke issued by the child, the parents seek to deter him from his action, and to stay away from such behavior or creation (lying, for example), so using persuasive method makes the child feel that his parents respect his mind and thinking, and that he is the owner of the first and last opinion in this situation, and that he alone has the decision, not the behavior His parents imposed on him.

If persuasion is implemented correctly, the desired goal is reached, and there is a great similarity between persuasion and manipulation. Many people find it difficult to distinguish between them, but the difference between them is the intention of the persuasive person. His needs, desires, dreams and goals, and the relationship between them rose to the degree of persuasion, and parents must know that persuasion is an art that is mastered by permanent practice, and that he who mastered it got what he wanted with the least damage, and the simplest way, it is an excellent communication skill, which connects people to Common ground, they can convergence in the ideas, beliefs and goals. [5] [6]


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