Engage and interact is what Gen Z demands

Gen Z also is known as the post-millennial are born in the era of technology. They are still very young. The oldest members of Gen Z are students graduating from college or started earning. For every decision, they access social media apps or internet browsers to explore facts. Kids of today are the future consumers of tomorrow. Their choices, ethics, values, likes, and dislikes are different from millennial. For Gen Z, life is always Wi-Fi enabled; they can’t imagine their lives without computers. To make them brand loyal, companies need to interact with them to make it convenient for Gen Z. 

Even the millennial are technologically dependent, but Gen Z have internet in their pockets. Gen Z would be the future workers and consumers, hence, companies need to be ready with super internet technologies to attract the growing kids. 

Gen Z focuses on interaction and feedback

Working with Gen Z means to be creative, interactive and engaging. To be with Gen Z, companies need to focus on connection and adequate feedback. The new generation has learned to solve problems through DIY and watching videos. It is expected that seeing their parents and grandparents, i.e. Gen X and Gen Y, Gen Z would be more responsible for spending money. 

Gen Z is the most culturally diverse generation. One unique quality of Gen Z is that they accept differences of being ethnically diverse. They believe in human connection, social mission, inclusion, and diversity. They thrust on change and flexibility. Some of the peculiar traits of Gen Z are that they like to exchange information 24×7, they can shop anytime, they like to work virtually, and they want to enjoy working at workplaces. Hence, companies must analyse their lifestyle, choices, and opinions of Gen Z to make them loyal customers. 

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