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Don’t you know how to restore dry hair? First, pay attention to the shampoo that you use. It should ideally fit the type of your scalp and contain such useful components as oils, proteins and herbal extracts.

To restore hair after each wash, use conditioner for weakened and damaged strands. It will help to close the scales after the surfactants that are contained in the shampoo, retain moisture and give the hair shine and smoothness. Apply the product along the length of the strands without touching the roots.

To bring dry hair back to life, be sure to purchase a revitalizing mask. It can penetrate much deeper than a conditioner, which helps to strengthen, restore and nourish the strands. A mask for dry hair is enough to use twice a week with Midtown Barbers.

Also, your care for dry hair should include UV protection. Various sprays and fluids with SPF will help you with this, which create an invisible film on curls that protects the strands from the harmful effects of the sun. Apply this product every time you leave home in the summer.

Various oils, serums and fluids with the effect of hydration, nutrition and recovery are welcome. As a rule, they are applied to dry or slightly damp hair and do not require rinse-off. Such beauty products contribute to easy combing without weighting, protect hair from external factors, give it shine and radiance, carefully caring from the inside.

If you prefer natural oils, apply them 20-30 minutes before washing your hair. The oil will have time to nourish the hair and create a protective film on its surface so that the curls do not become even drier after washing. If you have split ends, apply oil to them after taking a bath, but carefully so that they do not look like greasy tows.

Do you want your hair to look even worse? No? Then follow such recommendations.

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