What Should An SEO Budget Have?

Writing an SEO budget should not be a huge task if all rules regarding the SEO budget are considered. Just like the seo company thailand, everyone at home does what they want, more would be missing, but I think these points are critical when writing a budget:

  1. Monthly cost: so you know what you are going to pay monthly, regardless of the actions taken.
  2. Delivery of reports: in any way, it is essential to have information on the evolution of the project.
  3. Monthly meeting: if an agency does not communicate with the client. We are going wrong. That is why it has to be within budget.
  4. DNA: or confidentiality agreement on the analysis data or business model.

What should not have a budget?

I believe that abuse is never the solution, neither for one party nor for another.

  • A commitment of permanence

It seems to me an impudence to have someone under a contract of permanence.

If a person as a client does not want to continue with a company, I see it entirely logical that he can leave it in the same month of service.

  • Variable price items

I have seen budgets that include variables in the price, and from my point of view, this is very dangerous.

Whether it is finally charged or not charged in the monthly instalment.

  • goals

Securing objectives is illusory. I understand correctly that a client asks what the objectives will be achieved, but in SEO we are not fortune-tellers, and when I see that someone assures some position it is because he will probably use black SEO techniques.

When someone asks me about the objectives, I always say that everything possible will be done but that Google will decide. It is already the client’s business to decide whether or not to trust when hiring, but it is preferable, to tell the truth, that something we cannot guarantee. Even if we get the first position for a customer, that does not mean that it automatically has more sales; There are many factors at play that escape SEO strategy.

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